My goal is to make every bride I work with feel like a queen on (and leading up to) her wedding day.  We only get one shot (let’s hope!) at creating the most special day in a woman’s life and my pledge is to put the bride’s needs before mine and leap over buildings with a single bound and make her dreams come true!

My philosophy regarding working with a professional bridal consultant versus letting Mom or Aunt Martha do it is to spend the extra effort and money it takes to hire a professional.  You won’t regret it and you will save money in the long run.  Why pay more than you need to and why waste your time and energy when one call to your “on the ball” wedding professional will take care of everything!?!  An advertisement I saw the other day says it all – a professional hair salon located across the street from a “quick cut hair shop” who advertised $6 haircuts calmly stated: “We (the professional hair salon) fix $6 haircuts!”  Enough said?!  Just don’t wait until the week before your wedding and panic – that leads to anxiety, stress, over-spending, and frayed nerves – call on a professional – like me – I’ll help you have the day you deserve!

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